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Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies? (little Luke Series)

Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies5 Star Rating
Jesus Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies
"Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies": Is Without A Doubt A Must Have Book

Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies by Tammy Fitzherbert is a nice children's book. The author is Tammy Fitzherbert and it was published on the 24th of August, 2011 by Shell publishing. The book has 17 pages. For the best price for this children's book besides other books, click on our affilate link.

Tammy Fitzherbert is the author for Jesus, Why Does Matt Have Two Mommies. jesus does matt have mommies little

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Brand: Shell publishing
Author: Tammy Fitzherbert

Little Luke, the 8 year old boy in my Christian Book series, has a excellent friend named Matt. In this book, Matt explains to Luke that he has two mommies. Luke doesn't understand what being"gay"means and so he asks his best friend, Jesus, for answers. These stories deal with the innocent questions our young children are faced with in today's world. I prayerfully ask for wisdom for the duration of the process, and though many non-Christians, and even Christians alike, might not agree with every thing I write, I do it for my children, and other people who are looking for Biblical references to help them find answers. The Bible is my reference and my guide when I write these books. All of the Little Luke books are centered about the age range of 7-10 year old children. They are just written, so they can be study by most kids in 2nd and 3rd grade without help. This can be a story I wrote when my daughter came property from school asking this very question about 1 of her schoolmates' mommies. A Bible verse is always included to reference the scriptures.


  • Format: Kindle eBook
  • Number of Pages: 17

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