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The Parables Of Jesus For Kids

Consumer Rating 4 stars
Parables Of Jesus For Kids

Evergreen Press (PA)

ISBN: 1581693788
Author: Jim and Vicki Coy

Searching for a very good book? The Parables Of Jesus For Kids is a great book! The author is Jim and Vicki Coy and the publisher is Evergreen Press (PA). This book was available on bookshelves sometime in 2012. The child's book is 48 pages long. It's dimensions are 0.3" Height x 11" Length x 8.6" Width and it weighs somewhere around 0.9 lbs. Get a copy of this child's book, click on our store link.

A colorful way for kids to discover about the parables of Jesus! Even adults will recognize the parables better after reading them to their kids. Your kids will delight inside the stories of The Prodigal Son, The Lost Coin, The Good Samaritan, The Pearl of Great Value, The Mustard Seed, The Wheat along employing the Tares, The House on the Rock, and a lot of much more. The Parables of Jesus for Kids unravels some of the intricacies inside the parables, making them easy for kids of any age to understand. It's a colorful book with potent messages--stories your kids will want to read, or hear, once more and again! The Parables of Jesus for Kids presents the 53 parables of Jesus Christ (40 are illustrated) as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Parents, grandparents, and teachers can use it to introduce their youngsters to the teachings of Jesus inside a way which will make a life changing distinction in their young lives--a difference that will last a lifetime.


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