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The Story Of Jesus For Kids: Experience The Life Of Jesus As One Seamless Story (story, The)

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Story Of Jesus For Kids Experience


ISBN: 0310728479
Color: Blue
Author: Zondervan

The author is Zondervan and it was published around September of 2012 by Zondervan. The book has 96 pages. The book is 7.01"H x 0.31"L x 4.25"W. It weighs something like 0.15 lbs. Even though reading is a thing which everyone of almost any age will enjoy, you will discover certainly lots of ways in which you may make the thrill significantly better. Some people proclaim they don't have enough time to read, nevertheless reading is yet another effective utilization of time, especially with the proper children's book. View these tips and you should really like reading a lot more.

This is a small, softcover booklet with a big message. The Story of Jesus for Kids uses the clear, accessible language from the New International Reader's Version (NIr V) to tell the story generating use of the most considerable individual who ever lived. Compelling and powerful, it's also a compact, low-priced way to share the Jesus story in one particular seamless narrative. The Story of Jesus for Kids is a single book that will probably be read once more and again.


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